New collection

Chocolate candy is an art. We offer you to try refined candy from the finest French chocolate and selection ingredients from world-famous manufacturers. Discover a new level of chocolate impressions for yourself.

We always strive for the ideal in quality and aesthetics, giving importance to every detail. That's what our candy is perfect for.

The inspiration for creating this collection was the fragrant flowers of lavender and violet, fragrant herbs of tarragon and cilantro, juicy fruits of ripe apricots and cherries, blueberries, black currants and strawberries. The light, fruity, fragrant collection is rich in various texture and fill colors, dictated by nature itself.

By tradition, the main color of the collection was the color of the Pantone of 2019 Living Coral.

The collection has 6 flavors:

  1. Apricot Caramel / Lavender
  2. Cherries \ Beans are fine \ rum
  3. Kinz / Lemon
  4. Smoked Blue / Blueberries with Violet
  5. Coconut \ Strawberry
  6. Raspberry \ Tarkhun

The cost of a set of 12 candies, which includes 6 tastes, — 420 UAH